Agustin General Engineering Services

Various Machines such as 6 in 1 Machine, Multifiber Stripper, Village Level Ethanol Distilling Machine, etc.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Solid Waster Buster/Cylindrical Chopper

Solid Waste Buster Model 2000 with a capacity of up to 2tons per hour. Can chop soft agri-waste including plastics and tetra-packs for volume reduction.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Various Machines

Corn Sheller

Capacity of up to 2 tons per hour

Engine: 8 hp
Purity: 90%, Cracked kernel: 10%

Autofed Bio-mass Furnace

Seed Cleaner

Pedal Thresher

Vermi Harvester/Rotary Sifter

Light duty construction from round bar skeletal frame, 3 stage sifter screen for fine compost, vermi/coarse compost and plastic wrapper impurities. Complete with steel base, sprocket reduction, receiving tray, plastic screen 1/4 mesh and 1 inch mesh including manual feeding tray. (Power requirement: 1Hp Electric motor)

Machines in Operation

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cassava Chipper

(Stationary Type) with adjustable chipping blade, vertical drum feed chute including 16 inch radial flywheel blade holder mounted on an angular steel base complete with reduction shaft, pulleys. belts and engine steel base. (Power requirement: 6.5Hp Engine)

Corn Sheller

Capacity of up to 2 tons per hour
Engine: 8 hp
Purity: 90%, Cracked kernel: 10%

Brush Mower

Can mow all types of vegetation from thick and tall grasses including brushes even on rugged terrain due to its maneuverability. Low horse power requirements using 8HP gasoline engine. High capacity up to 1 hectare per day. Ease of operation, self-propelled like a hand tractor and can be operated by a boy. Small enough to be loaded on a pick-up truck and transported to various farms.

Village Corn Mill, Rice Mill and Coffee Huller

- Three uses in one machine as cornmill, ricemill and coffee pulper.
- Portable, can be made into traveling mill, easy to operate and maintain, low power requirement thus low fuel consumption.

Village Level Ethanol Distilling Machine

Village Level Ethanol Distilling Machine
4 liters per hour at 95% purity

Multifiber Stipper

6 in 1 Machine

6 in 1 Machine that performs 6 important tasks for the farmer
  • Chopper- can chop corn stalks, branches, napier, sugar cane tops, etc.

  • Shredder- for soft agri-waste such as fruits, banana trunks, grasses, leaves, etc.

  • Grinder- for corn cobs, compost materials, etc.

  • Hammer Mill- for dry materials such as corn, root crops, ipil-ipil leaves.

  • Forage Mixer- by using chopper and shredder at the same time.

  • Decorticator- for wet coconut husks/green buko to produce fiber and peat.
Model Small Medium Large Extra Large
Capacity (1/4 ton) (1/2 ton) (1 ton) (2 tons)
As Chopper 100 kg/hr 200 kg/hr .05 ton/hr .5 ton/hr
As Shredder 250 kg/hr 500 kg/hr 1 ton/hr 2 ton/hr
As Grinder 250 kg/hr 500 kg/hr 1 ton/hr 2 ton/hr
As Hammer Mill 100 kg/hr 200 kg/hr .3 ton/hr 500 kg/hr
As Decorticator 40 kg/hr 60 kg/hr 0.3 ton/hr 150 kg/hr
Power Requirement 5 HP 8 HP 10-12 HP 12 HP